Fairies & Princesses Giant Tablet Giant 14" wide x 20" tall

Fairies & Princesses Coloring Book (14"x20")
Fairies & Princesses Coloring Book (14"x20")
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Fairies & Princesses Giant Tablet Coloring Book is a wonderful book that introduces children to the world of Fairies & Princesses in a fun exciting way!

Giant Tablet Coloring Books® are all 14" wide by 20" high and will keep a child entertained for many hours. We participate in Green Technology that is friendly to the environment with soy inks, recycled paper and the sustainable forestry initiative!

Really Big Coloring Books ® (RBCB) are manufactured in the United States with Soy Ink and guaranteed 100% safe against non-toxic inks, paints & dyes!