Aliens & Monsters Giant Tablet Giant 14" wide x 20" tall

Aliens & Monsters Giant Tablet Coloring Book (14"x20")
Aliens & Monsters Giant Tablet Coloring Book (14"x20")

Product Description

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Aliens & Monsters Giant Tablet Coloring Book is a wonderful book that introduces children to the curious world of Aliens & Monsters in a fun exciting way! A favorite in day care centers, early childhood education centers.

Giant Tablet Coloring Books® are all 14" wide by 20" high and will keep a child entertained for many hours. We manufacture kids coloring books at the best competitive rates. We participate in Green Technology that is friendly to the environment with soy inks, recycled paper and the sustainable forestry initiative!

Really Big Coloring Books ® (RBCB) are manufactured in the United States with Soy Ink and guaranteed 100% safe against non-toxic inks, paints & dyes!